WB101N (nRF52810)(Nordic BLE Module)

  • Overview:
  • 2.4 GHz transceiver
    ? -96 dBm sensitivity in Bluetooth® low energy mode
    ? Supported data rates: 1 Mbps, 2 Mbps Bluetooth® low energy mode
    ? -20 to +4 dBm TX power, configurable in 4 dB steps
    ? On-chip balun (single-ended RF)
    ? 4.6 mA peak current in TX (0 dBm)
    ? 4.6 mA peak current in RX
    ? RSSI (1 dB resolution)
    ARM® Cortex®-M4 32-bit processor, 64 MHz
    ? 144 EEMBC CoreMark® score running from flash memory
    ? 34.4 μA/MHz running from flash memory
    ? 32.8 μA/MHz running from RAM
    ? Serial wire debug (SWD)
    Flexible power management
    ? 1.7 V-3.6 V supply voltage range
    ? Fully automatic LDO and DC/DC regulator system
    ? Fast wake-up using 64 MHz internal oscillator
    ? 0.3 μA at 3 V in System OFF mode, no RAM retention
    ? 0.5 μA at 3 V in System OFF mode with full 24 kB RAM retention
    ? 1.5 μA at 3 V in System ON mode, with full 24 kB RAM retention, wake on RTC
    192 kB flash and 24 kB RAM
    Nordic SoftDevice ready
    Support for concurrent multi-protocol
    12-bit, 200 ksps ADC - 8 configurable channels with programmable gain
    64 level comparator
    Temperature sensor
    Up to 32 general purpose I/O pins
    4-channel pulse width modulator (PWM) unit with EasyDMA
    Digital microphone interface (PDM)
    3x 32-bit timer with counter mode
    SPI master/slave with EasyDMA
    I2C compatible 2-wire master/slave
    UART (CTS/RTS) with EasyDMA
    Programmable peripheral interconnect (PPI)
    Quadrature decoder (QDEC)
    AES HW encryption with EasyDMA
    2x real-time counter (RTC)
    Single crystal operation